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Business mission in Yakutia – 2015


Diamond Week is an Event of the Year in the field of business and industry of tourism of the Republic, that gathers businessmen and visitors from many countries and regions of Russia. At this time, business representatives from China, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belarus participated in the conference. Within the Diamond week, several significant events passed: the international auction for the sale of large diamonds, auction of jewelry from Yakut jewellers, round table on the development of diamond cutting and jewelery industry of Sakha (Yakutia), III Yakut festival, PR-conference «Yakutia – the territory of hospitality», Contacts Exchange, exhibition of artistic dolls from Elena Gromova Gallery.

Contacts Exchange

Members of the delegation took an active part in all activities of the Diamond week, became speakers at many conferences. The main purpose of participants of business mission was to establish business contacts, cooperation and, of course, familiar with this amazing land, its wonderful people.

Such opportunity was provided to them at the Contacts Exchange, which was held with the participation of the International Club «Business Partnership» for the third time. The business meeting was attended by representatives of educational institutions, the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the regional business community involved in the field of fashion design and interior design, production of jewelry and gift items, recycling, from 43 institutions of Yakutia.

Opening the meeting, general director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Support of Sakha (Yakutia) Zoya Sedalischeva said that the experience of business missions proved their high efficiency. Such platform for business communication is a great tool for business development. Presenting the members of the delegation, Chairman of the International Club «Business Partnership» Olga Irzun noted that the development of inter-regional cooperation is now of particular importance. Therefore Business Club sees its main task as effective work in this direction. Such business missions have been organized in many regions of Russia and foreign countries, and has already yielded concrete results.

Participants of the contacts exchange  

During the meeting, members of the delegation presented their investment projects and partnerships, and also held concrete talks on cooperation. For example, a project in the field of ecology and production of alternative energy sources, presented by the chairman of board of concern «Vel» Nina Milyukova, cosed interest from companies «Ecopartner», «Tui-Maadi - Trade» and «New Environmental Technologies». President of Moscow CCI, general director of «Polikor cosmetics» Marina Shmatova told about creation of a new generation retail network. General director of the silver factory «Argenta» Janna Perevalova told about training in the field of design and cooperation in the manufacture of silver. An interior designer Anastasia Muravijeva gave a presentation of her projects.

Experience shows, that significant part of established business contacts develops into a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. According to the results of previous contacts exchanges, sides had signed contracts for the supply of medical equipment, ordered patterns for the manufacture of fur, signed contracts for the supply of orthopedic shoes, signed an agreement with the charitable foundation to support children with disabilities and children with disabilities «Haryskal» for the creation of Yakutsk Studio of Universal Design, had talks on the manufacture of designer clothing, jewelery, items made of mammoth tusk.та.

Round table

During the visit, the delegation held a meeting with the Minister for Enterprise and Tourism Development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Ekaterina I. Kormilitsyna and Rector of North-Eastern Federal University Evgenia M. Isaevna, during which the participants had opportunity to discuss aspects of business interaction.

Treasures of Yakutia 

Members of the delegation were offered a rich cultural program. They visited the exhibition «Treasury of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)», which is a part of the State Fund of Precious Metals and Precious Stones of the Republic, visited the ice complex «Kingdom of permafrost» – a huge underground glacier inside the mountain Chochur Muran, the official residence of the Custodian of the cold, which showed a fantasy world of ice sculptures, visited the unique Museum of Mammoth.

Exhibition of dolls from the Elena GromovaGallery

Excursions to the Museum of mammoth and the Kingdom of Permafrost 

Acquainting with the culture and traditions of the Territory continued in the Atlasova historic manor house «Ust Kut» and ethnographic complex «Chochur Muran», where members of the business mission met with national ceremonies and ethnic music of the indigenous peoples of the North.

Members of the delegation became participants of the evening of ethnic culture «Faces of Yakut land», which was organized by the jewelry company «Kierge», where guests could come in contact with the culture and art of Yakutia, became spectators of the theater of brilliant fashion «EPL Diamond», took part in the auction of jewelry, end of the III Yakut festival, and visited the Diamond Ball.

Atlasova Manor «Ust Kut» and ethnographic complex «Chochur Muran»

Reception at Kierge

Theater of brilliant fashion and closing ceremonies

On the last day of staying in the Yakut land, the participants had opportunity to take a day river trip to the National Park «Lena Pillars». Lena Pillars – a giant ancient rocks on the banks of the Lena River, a place of incredible strength and appeal, is a World Heritage Site. Guests were welcomed by the custodians of these places and conducted the rite of blessing. The majestic beauty of untouched nature has made an indelible impression.

The business mission is finished. According to the participants, it was a very productive and rich, full of bright events, business meetings and new contacts.

We will continue to develop cooperation with Yakutia – this rapidly developing Republic inhabited original, talented, benevolent nation that cherishes its traditions.

Excursion to the Lena Pillars