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Illusion and essence of changes

March 17 was a following meeting of the participants and guests of the International club «Business partnership» with a professional consultant, VIP-coach, Ph.D. Zoya Ivanova.

The topic «Illusion and essence of changes» continued the series of seminars «Selfmanagement», conducted by the club that year. The event took place in a cozy atmosphere of the art place on Mohovaya street.

Everyone wants to live better, get more joy and pleasure from their business, relationships with others, and life in general. For this we have to make some effort. But for some reason it is often not possible to change your life at one moment, use someone else's experience and improve everything at once? How to find new way? What is important to understand to not waste time and energy in vain?

The participants tried to find the answers to such questions in a team game, during which it was necessary to find optimal ways out of your comfort zone and achieve real desired result.

Teams has created their strategies of changes, offering specific steps to achieve the goal. During this exercise they found out what could give them an impulse to get out of their «comfort zone», what were the ways out and how to make the process fun.

Interactive format of the event as well as optimistic, active attitude of all participants allowed to find a new understanding of their situation, and the possibility of solving problems in crisis situations.

An important contribution to a creative atmosphere gave a charming micro-pig Peppa Pig. These clever emotional animals are becoming increasingly popular as pets and are an excellent anti-stress tool in times of crisis.

A creative, intellectual and emotional atmosphere of the meeting possessed guests and club members to active companionship.