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«Health, business, success»

Health, business, success - was the topic of the next meeting of the participants of the International club «Business Partnership» and the Business club «Women of future Russia», which took place on February 18 in the fireplace room of the Free Economic Society of Russia.

The meeting discussed topical issues related to the spread of serious incidence of diabetes and obesity, which had acquired the character of infectious epidemics.

First speaker was Julia Golubeva, endocrinologist of 1st category, head of endocrinology clinics of Moscow Health Department. Yulia told some specific facts of her medical practice, particularly focusing on the fact that diabetes can mimic, its symptoms are different and it is important to diagnose it in time to avoid serious complications.

She reviewed the problem of obesity and gave recommendations how to support normal blood pressure and loss weight.

The features of the treatment of diabetes supported general director of Design Center for Shoes of Special Purpose «ORTOMODA» Galina Volkova. She told about the special shoes for diabetics.

Participants of the meeting were able to ask questions, to measure blood sugar levels, as well as to test their knowledge in the subject of discussion by answering the questionnaire. Persons, who gave maximum correct answers, received a gift glucometers provided by «Johnson & Johnson» and other memorabilia presents.

What can our taste preferences tell us? - Told neuropsychologist, Ph.D., CEO of psychological center «Home» Svetlana Shishkova.

She spoke about overeating, which becomes a consequence of the processes taking place in the mental life of human. Emotional stress, overwork, conflicts in the family and at work, anxiety, selfdissatisfaction provoke us to find positive emotions by eating. We seek the feeling of fullness.

She examined the possibility of restarting the psyche and consciousness of its own body reserves to restore optimal weight. The main focus was to be able «to see the positive in your life right now, today, and forever». Interactive presentation by Svetlana allowed everyone to unravel the hidden psychological meaning of their own taste preferences.

The meeting was very emotional and informative.