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Selfmanagement is our response to the crisis

In difficult times of change and crisis we invite you to a series of meetings with a professional consultant, business coach, Ph.D. Zoya Ivanova on the subject of Selfmanagement.

For best control of our lives we need clear guidance in the volatile world, optimizing the use of its resources in personal and business life, the achievement of their balance, as well as search for new opportunities and sources of energy.

Many of the problems seem unreasonably intractable. In this case, we often simply need a new look, new approach, a different algorithm to search for the best solution..

Selfmanagement (management yourself and your life) is an approach for the correct setting goals and specific tasks was offered by a professional consultant and business coach Zoya Ivanova.

25 participants offered their topics and issues. Queries were very different and started from the natural curiosity and the desire to communicate with interesting people in an informal way to a more clearly defined queries, such as:

  • get custom solutions, new opportunities for the development:
  • learn something new, useful for the field of teaching. How to motivate pupils and students to study? How to maintain a good level of energy?
  • learn how to mobilize your resources in times of crisis;
  • learn to formulate goals and objectives for the next 5-10 years.
  • find a balance between what you need for yourself, and what should be done for others;
  • find the facts that inhibit business activity and physical health;
  • determine the main directions of development themselves, their careers and activities in general.

    When there is an active creative interaction, it opens up new approaches and opportunities, and then the participants gradually come to certain conclusions, find new approaches, new algorithms and actions and decisions necessary for the tasks.

    What did the participants say about the results from the meeting:

    - I realized that I did not have the necessary reinforcements to achieve the desired.
    - Got the right clue.
    - Got a new look at the problem, and as a result got a new vision and understanding of the problem.
    - I understood that it was necessary to complete every activity without fear of being irrational.
    - Got the information that was needed for the current situation, it helped to relax and unwind.
    - Saw how to build relationships, both with subordinates and with executives. Saw that training others helps to learn yourself.

      In addition, the pleasant atmosphere of the evening in the interesting art space engaged guests and club members in the informal companionship.

      At the end of the evening guest were listening great guitar songs performed by the winner of international competitions Elena Stepanova.

      The next meeting of the cycle Selfmanagement will be held jn the 17th of March and will be devoted to carrying out changes. When tasks are defined, it is important to make the necessary actions to implement them.