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Interregional cooperation: Focus on Samara region

May 29, in the Representation of the Government of the Samara region under the Russian Government, participants of the International club “Business Partnership” and the Business club “Women of future Russia” met with representatives of the Samara region and the business community of the region.

Opening the business part of the meeting, Advisor to the Governor of the Samara region Inna Skrytnikova, welcomed the guests and outlined the main objectives of interregional business dialogue.

- As a part of today's meeting, you will be able to meet each other, learn more about the investment potential of the Samara region, to find business partners. The main result of this meeting should be new mutually beneficial business contacts, which, I hope, will certainly appear. Samara region has great potential for the development of business, and we would like you to appreciate these opportunities.

The meeting, held as a roundtable, was attended by representatives of ministries and departments of the federal and regional levels, including - Acting Deputy Director of the Department of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of economic development of Russia Alexey Shestoperov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of the Samara region Dmitry Gorbunov, deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation and Public Communications, Head of Public Communications Alla Borisenkova, as well as corporate executives, financiers, bankers, businessmen and media representatives.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of Samara region, Dmitry Gorbunov started business dialogue and presented the investment potential of the region. He also spoke about the opportunities for business development in the Samara region. The representative of the NGO “Agency for Strategic Initiatives to promote new projects” in Samara region Dmitry Ovodenko presented the results of the meeting of pilot business projects, approved in the region.

Participants of the International club “Business Partnership” offered Samarans their partnership projects. A presentation of the project “Prospects for e-learning” was conducted by Doctor of Economics, professor, Rector of Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics “MESI” Natalia Tikhomirova. Speech by the Chairman of the Board of “Eurasian Investment Bank” Sergey Osipov was devoted to “Business and banks: cooperation in contemporary conditions”. Sergey told about the latest tendencies in banking, presented activities of the bank and offered several options for effective cooperation for entrepreneurs.

Official representative of Bavaria in Russia Fedor Khorokhordin showed to the businessmen opportunities and prospects of cooperation with one of the most dynamic regions of Germany – Bavaria. Head of Innovation Projects Entrepreneurial community SKOLKOVO (SKOLKOVO) Julia Rakova told about the mechanism of development of start-up projects proposed LNA Skolkovo Business School RSPP and invited representatives of business and administration to cooperate.

Presentation of the General Director of “Steel Technologies” Boris Isayev (firm offers high quality shutoff valves for food industry and many other companies), gave a presentation about the capabilities of the firm and of interest to many enterprises of the Samara region.
Speech, made by the Managing Partner of GC “Elena Shipilova fashion house” Gennady Suvorov, Sc.D., who highlightef the technology brand promotion and offered options for cooperation with Samara retailers, was also listened with great interest. Already during the meeting, Gennady received several counter-proposals on partnership.

New author’s project was presented by a longtime member of the Business Club, conductor of the State Academic Theatre “Moscow Operetta” Xenia Zharko, who created a unique symphony orchestra, in which all the performers are female. Samara region is interested not only in business development, but in the preservation of cultural and historical values, so that a new musical format may certainly be claimed here.

Also there held presentation of investment projects of the Samara region during the meeting. Director of “Finstroy” Lyubov’ Aristova gave a presentation held of a major construction project “New Samara”, Director of handicrafts Gallery Margarita Bortnikova – a winner of famous Russian and international competitions – presented an author’s collection of handmade clothes “Flowers of Russia” in the technique of Irish lace and told on social programs for people with disabilities working in the Gallery. The participants were able to appreciate the high quality of the projects of the “Garden center by Glukhova Vera” and get acquainted with the activities of Samara’s fraternities in Moscow, about the possibilities in expansion of business interaction the told the vice-president of the NGO “Samara fraternity” Valeriy Kurganov.

Summarizing business part of the meeting, Chairman of the International Club “Business Partnership”, head of the Business Club “Women of future Russia” Olga Irzun thanked Samara partners for their commitment to collaboration and held a presentation of the most significant activities and programs of the club. Olga noted, that the meeting was very busy and wholesome to all it’s members.
Summarizing business dialogue, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Investments and Trade of Samara region Dmitriy Gorbunov said, that not a single speech, none of the projects presented at the meeting – will not go unnoticed. Samara’s guide would consider all possible interactions with entrepreneurs from participants of club community:
- Business is built on trust. If you do not trust your partner – joint business will not work. A meeting, such as the one organized by the business club together with our representation, provides an opportunity to know each other, see each other's eyes to find common ground. And this is the beginning, this is a chance for further interaction. Then, you can consider options, offer your cooperation scenarios. We’ve laid the groundwork. I'm sure that the continuation will sertainly follow.

At the end of the business part of the meeting, all guests were able to continue dialogue in a more informal way during the lunch. The atmosphere of the evening was very friendly and constructive. A note of romance was added by winner of international competitions, pianist Maksim Puryzhinskiy, who performed compositions from the classical repertoire.

The participants were able to discuss each speech, share opinions, ask questions to representatives of governing structures, establish new business contacts. Following the meeting, there are concrete negotiations on further business cooperation now, where options for partnership on tentative agreement are being discussed. Business Club is surely going to continue partnership with the region. With the assistance of the regional administration, club is planning to organize a business mission to the Samara region.