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Museum of the Moscow stock exchange

April 14, members of the International club “Business Partnership” and the Business Club “Women of future Russia” visited the Museum of the history of the Exchange – JSC “Moscow Stock Exchange”.   

Museum of the Moscow stock exchange was opened in 2002. After five years, the exposition has been updated, the museum funds replenished with interesting exhibits from pre-revolutionary history of the exchange. New Museum of history of the exchange was opened to visitors in February 2007.    

History of exchange business in Russia is more than one century long. Even in times of Novgorod Russia in XII century merchants meetings were the prototype of the Stock Exchange. Afterwards, exchanges appeared in the Russian capitals – Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in other major cities of the empire. In the Soviet era, exchange tradition was interrupted for 60 years. Only at the end of XX century stock exchange business was resumed.

The Museum of exchange collects priceless exhibits, showing the formation of the exchange business in Russia, including unique documents telling what domestic merchants and entrepreneurs use to sale and how trade was developing. The museum presents the life stock cooperatives and provincial exchanges of Tsarist Russia, as well as rare books and stock collection of numismatics. Not less interesting is a history of recent decades – a period of revival exchanges in the 90s, the emergence of MTB, RCE, MICEX .

After the tour over the museum exhibition, which was conducted by Head of the Department of History of the financial market of internal communications JSC “Moscow Marketplace” Yurii Golitsyn, there was held a roundtable discussion, in which employees of the Moscow Stock Exchange talked to the guests about the nuances of how the market works.

Head of Department on work with market participants of shares of Business Division “Stock market” of “Moscow Exchange” Alexey Fyodorov gave a presentation entitled “The stock market today. Stimulating domestic investors”.

About the possibilities of the derivatives market and it’s development prospects told Specialist brokerages of Business Division “Derivatives Market” JSC “Moscow Exchange” Alexey Boiko.

“The currency market of Moscow Exchange” – the title of another presentation, which was held by the Head of Sales Department of the repo market and deposit-lending operations of JSC “Moscow Marketplace” Sergey Titov.

At the end of the workshop, participants were able to get answers to all their questions.