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Spring format of business partnership

February, 25 at the of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held a spring meeting of the participants of the Club “Business Partnership” and the it’s partition – the club “Women of future Russia”.

The main topic of the official part of the meeting “New formats of business partnership” was to discuss plans for the club's development of interregional and international business collaboration within the club community.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman of the Club “Business Partnership”, the head of the Business Club “Women of future Russia” Olga Irzun. She welcomed the participants of the meeting and congratulated the guests with the upcoming spring holiday – the International Women's Day.

Olga held a presentation of the club program for 2014. Noting that the development of interregional and international business relations had always been one of the priorities of the club, she spoke about the interaction potential and promising areas of cooperation.

The development of interregional and international partnerships is not just one of activities of the club. Establishment and strengthening of such ties is becoming a worldwide trend, the business community has realized that without cooperation, without promoting business outside the region, the country's major success cannot be achieved.
That is why business community is involved in this activity, which now take on some mediating role in the establishment of such ties, allowing to develop new strategies and innovative approaches to reforming the business environment.
We are well aware of the growing need for the development of this partnership and the establishment of inter-regional and international business communications. Therefore, in recent years we’re helping to establish a dialogue with the authorities and to lobby for the interests of entrepreneurs, familiarizing with the practice of a successful business, and primarily assisting in the promotion of innovation and investment projects, in finding partners and associates in Russia and abroad, in conducting business missions to regions of the country and abroad.
All of you know, that our club regularly organizes such business trips, and many of you have been the participants. At the invitation of partnership structures delegation of the club and it’s representatives were able to join a business trip in Italy, Japan, the United States, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Switzerland.
We very closely cooperate with the Baltic countries. We were invited to Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian partners we are also happy to see them at their meetings. By the way, today our meeting is attended by guests from Estonia and Lithuania.
Very productive were business visits to Germany, where we met with representatives of trade missions, business structures of Germany, and participated in the negotiations on the development of cooperation between our countries. I think that these meetings will have a serious sequel, because of mutual interest of the countries.
Not less successfully we develop an interregional activity of the club. A huge impact is made by the interaction with state agencies in the regions.
I guess you remember how intensive were the business missions in Ulyanovsk and the Tula region. Incredibly interesting and fruitful were the trip to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), held in Autumn, 2013 and the recent business mission in Tatarstan.

Speakers of the official part of the meeting were business partners of the club, the staff of regional and foreign missions, as well as intermediary business structures:

Deputy Head of Representation of the Government of the Kaluga region under the Russian Government Larisa Vorobyova spoke about the positive experience of cooperation with the club, presented the investment potential of the region. According to her, thanks to the efforts of regional authorities to create a comfortable climate for entrepreneurs, today a business in the Kaluga region is represented by a hundred countries. The region is interested in further development of interregional and international relations, the regional leadership attaches great importance to the formation of an effective infrastructure, creates industrial and logistics centers. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of major industrial clusters. Larisa invited club members to visit the Kaluga region with a business mission and promised support to all entrepreneurs, interested in cooperation with the region.

Assistant governor of the Ulyanovsk region Olga Kurakina introduced the priorities of the investment policy of the Ulyanovsk region and its advantages in business partnership to the guests. Olga thanked the club for constructive attention to the region and proposed new ways of cooperation. She noted, that in the near term they plan to create a regional branch of the club “Women of Russia's future” in Ulyanovsk, because Ulyanovsk business community is interested in the intensive development and implementation of joint projects within the activity of the club.

A member of Representation of the Tula region under the Russian Government Elena Belikova told the meeting about experience in productive collaboration with the club. Elena noted, that today the key challenges for the region is the development of infrastructure and building an effective investment policy. The administration of the Tula region offers special preferences for investors, there are programs to support small and medium businesses in the region. The region is interested in attracting new business partners, implementation of interesting ideas and projects. The business community of the Tula region have great interest in developing cooperation with entrepreneurs of the Business Club.
Olga Irzun told everyone about the results of a business mission to the Republic of Tatarstan, held in February, 2014 and introduced partners, involved in organizing the trip. General director of Consultation and Business Information Agency Marat Shakirzyanov and representative of the Agency in Moscow Luba Shevchenko thanked the club for their cooperation and expressed hope for the development of further collaboration. Representative of the National Public Organization “Business Women of Tatarstan”, Executive Director of “Myustela” Firdaus Devyataeva told about her business and also invited participants to cooperate.
Olga Irzun introduced the consultant of governor of the Samara region Inna Skrytnikova to the guests adding, that club is planning to hold a meeting in the Representation of the Government of the Samara region under the Russian Government. Inna Rustamovna introduced economic portrait of the region and the direction of potential partnership.

Head of the Club Olga Irzun spoke about the prospects of the club to promote international partnership , inviting members to participate in a business mission to the Republic of Kazakhstan and the state of Bavaria, scheduled for 2014.

Speech of the official representative of Bavaria in Russia Fedor Khorokhordin was devoted to topical aspects of interaction with the club community.

Bavaria is one of the most interesting regions in Europe. It is famous not only for it’s sights and spectacular events in the cultural sphere. Bavaria formed a strong economy for the past decades. By volume GRP the region surpasses all Benelux countries together. It combines a lot of known large industrial enterprises, but the backbone of the economy is still small and medium business. Bavarian company has been long and successfully cooperating with Russian entrepreneurs and we are open to cooperation with representatives of the club, ready to assist in establishing business contacts. By the way, in April, we are waiting for the club members at the meeting under the Bavarian flag in Moscow, where we are able to discuss more options for interaction.
Among the guests of the meeting there were representatives of Italy – Director of «Italian dom service» Elena Plotnikova and director of CCI of Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Vicenza, Modena , Padua Salerno, Catania – Elena Adinolfi. Ms. Adinolfi told about the activities of representation:

– Among other intermediary structures we take the stand of specific operational managers. Our goal is to help Italian firms that enter Russian market and make their first steps in this direction, and in all industries – from tourism to manufacturing. I am highly interested in direct contacts in the regions, and I am ready to quickly put you in touch with Italian companies and their owners, to find possible partners for you. And if in Moscow and St.- Petersburg we are already actively working, the are regions, not so well known to the Italian business community – but not less attractive. We look forward to the initiative on your part, and will gladly assist in finding contacts and establishing cooperation.

Another partnership proposal, addressed to the club members, was from commercial attache of the Embassy of the Trade Representation of the Republic of Lithuania Remigijus Kabečius:

- I have been in many Russian regions, representatives of which are speakers at today's meeting. Those are lovely cities and regions with rich history and culture, modern and actively developing. For many years I have been a commercial mediation, seeking mutually beneficial business contacts. Entrepreneurs from both parts apply to us, and we help them choose the best deal. Yes, Lithuania is not such a big country as Russia, but can offer very interesting options for business cooperation. We actively develop furniture, textiles, agriculture and food industries, and we focus on environmentally friendly products. In recent years, there is a huge progress in IT-technology, bio-technology, medicine, pharmaceutics. With all this, Lithuania is actively trading with Russia. We calculated, if you take per capita, that the volume of trade surpasses Chinese in 30 times. Last year, bilateral trade volume exceeded 13.5 billion euros. We have intensively developing process of bilateral investment for large and medium-sized and small firms of various profiles. I think that within the club and the interaction we have very good prospects, and we are ready to assist you in establishing contacts and search for optimal solutions.

onored guest at the club's meeting was a People's Artist of Russia, director, screenwriter Alla Surikova. Alla thanked club for support (including – information) of her creative projects.

For years, the club helps us with the annual festival of comedy films “Smile, Russia”. This year, sponsor – studio “Positive film” – invites you to take a trip to the Tula region, which hosts the XV Festival.

Alla Surikova also talked about her other creative project – a series of “Provincial Museums of Russia” of 75 films, which shows the real gems of our Motherland – cultural centers of Russian cities. In the end of her speech Alla invited club members to the premiere of her new movie “Full speed ahead”.

At the end of the business part of the meeting Olga Irzun introduced new member of the club – Julia Evdokimova, founder and president of wine trading company Palais Royal.

Summarizing the discussion, Chairman of the International club “Business Partnership”, head of the Business Club “Women of future Russia” Olga Irzun thanked all for attention, and speakers – for informative presentation. Olga hoped, that in the 2014 club community would implement many new exciting projects, intake new members and implement a lot of creative ideas.

After the business part was over, all guests were able to continue communication within dinner and take part in the tasting of fine wines from the Palais Royal, which has become a wine sponsor of the evening. In addition, the meeting participants could get acquainted with the presentation of products of “Souvenir Design”, LLC “Textile Company Elanna” exclusive designer of fur Vera Cherepova, jewelery LLC “Deves”. Representatives of the companies held raffles for the guests.

The meeting ended with a concert. Artists of the “Moscow Operetta” theater presented operetta “Tales from the Vienna Woods” by Johann Strauss (soloists – Honored Artist of Russia Svetlana Krinitskaya and winner of international competitions Peter Borisenko).

The meeting was very intensive – new interesting projects and exchange of opinions, magic charm of operetta, refined atmosphere of the evening... Add to that joy comes from communication between those, whose business has grown into a friendship over the years – and it becomes clear, that our guests can now look forward to a new meeting of the club.

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