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Meeting "under the Bavarian flag"

April 17, at the restaurant “Postmaster” was held a meeting “Under the flag of Bavaria”, organized by the Bavarian Representation in Russia and the International club “Business partnership”

The meeting was opened by Fedor Khorokhordin – an official representative of Bavaria (Germany) in the Russian Federation. He welcomed the guests and expressed hope for continuation of international and interregional cooperation with members of the club’s community.
- Due to our contacts, communication with each other, strengthening business ties in the future we can move to a new, higher level of interaction. Such meetings give a new push to the development of business cooperation. As a representative of Bavaria in Russia, I am primarily interested in strengthening Russian - Bavarian relations, although I also welcome and interstate partnership between Russia and Germany in the trade and economic sphere. Successful examples of such cooperation become a pledge, that in the future and other existing options will bring a demand. This is a unique indicator of international partnership, an indicator which shows that it is possible to cooperate with Russia and it should be so. Difficulties and complications are temporal. We should remember, that we are bound by long-term relationships and good tradition of cooperation, that we will not only maintain, but also increase it. I hope that our meeting today will help strengthen relations. During the evening we are going to communicate, talk and discuss issues of mutual interest.
I would like to remind, that you can certainly count on the very active support of the Bavarian Representation in the Russian Federation, which I chair. Our primary task is to help the Bavarian business in entering the Russian market founding partners. In addition, we invite you to interact Russian business people interested in doing business in Bavaria – a land with strong economy. Today, there are already more than a hundred Russian companies in Bavaria. I think that their number will grow, despite the temporary differences. I wish you all a pleasant evening. Today we have traditional Bavarian cuisine, and I hope that you will spend the evening fruitful and with a great pleasure.

The representative of the Embassy of Germany Mr. Colley Holgar (Department of economy and science) expressed in his speech the hope for strengthening Russian-German partnership.

- Dear guests! Everything that was told by Mr. Khorokhordin according to Bavaria can be said about other territories of Germany. All the German land is developing cooperation with Russia, and we are interested in it’s strengthening. Our countries have a great potential for mutually beneficial partnership that very safely and rapidly developed in recent years. Yes, this is not a very simple political point that may affect the business relationships, but I very much hope that it will be overcomed, and the desire to develop business cooperation will prevail, as it should be in the XXI century.

Chairman of the International club “Business Partnership”, the head of the Club “Women of the future Russia” Olga Irzun thanked the German partners for the desire to cooperation and held a presentation of the most significant activities and programs of the Club “Business partnership”.

Olga focused on business projects on the development of Russian-German business relations.
- It’s not the first year when we are working with the regions of Germany. Members of the Business Club repeatedly visited Germany on a business trips. The club is actively cooperating with the Russian Trade Representation in Germany, Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation in Germany and other organizations and Missions, aimed at supporting business cooperation. In the nearest future, we plan to organize a business mission to Bavaria, because many members of our club community are interested in finding partners in this region. In addition, a Publishing house “Economic Newspaper” issues a magazine – a special application to the weekly “Economics and Life” series “International Cooperation”. And we have already prepared a special issue, devoted to business cooperation of Germany and Russia. I am sure, that in the future we will have joint projects, because the potential of Russian-German cooperation is really great.
Today, the participants of our business clubs, who came to the meeting, are interested in the development of this partnership, and I think that maybe even this evening we can make useful business connections, that can develop into a long-term and effective cooperation We all understand, that we need each other and the fact, that economic development depends largely on the development of international cooperation, business contacts, business promotion in foreign markets. And we will be very glad, if this meeting will became the beginning of new successful joint business projects.

The evening, where guests were able to taste traditional Bavarian cuisine and to listen to Bavarian music, went on in a very friendly and warm atmosphere. The participants of the meeting were able to spend a good time, exchange business information and discuss further cooperation.