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Unique exhibition of works by Ivan Aivazovsky

2016 will certainly be one of the most memorable for all lovers of creativity of Ivan Aivazovsky. In honor of the artist's 200th anniversary, whose birth will be celebrated in 2017, the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val opens one of the largest exhibitions of his works for almost four months - from July to November. The exposition includes more than a hundred paintings and is supplemented by drawings and archival materials, that make this show a truly spectacular event.

September 22, members of the International Club "Business Partnership" had a tour of the exhibition, that allowed to see unique and fascinating sea by Ivan Aivazovsky and learn many interesting facts from the biography of the artist.

Getting acquainted with the presented works, visitors discovered a completely new vision and understanding of his work. The exhibition introduced the "main character" of paintings - sea element - in its transformation from calm to a hurricane. In separate "sections" there were posted paintings with views of the coastal cities and ports around the world, images of spectacular sea battles, as well as landscapes. The special architecture of the exhibition allowed the participants to imagine the feeling of man in the face of the vast and powerful elements.

The exhibition features three large-scale, and the most important paintings by Aivazovsky, which you can watch endlessly, each time noticing new details: "The Ninth Wave", "Wave" and "Black Sea".

Club members were also able to meet with the newly renovated and have never been exhibited painting "Along the coast of the Caucasus".

Part of the exposition was devoted to the creation of the world, which was affecting Ivan Konstantinovich throughout his work. This topic has been disclosed by the artist on the example of the water element and organically complement the work of "Walking on Water" and "Death of the Lefort Ship". Touching moments captured on them, left an exciting feeling of intimacy with the unfathomable eternity.

In addition to 120 paintings, the exhibition featured 55 paintings of the master. It should be noted that such a large number of graphic works by Aivazovsky was demonstrated for the first time.

On the second floor of the exhibition visitors could see the models of ships and various marine attributes, organically complementing the main exhibition, as well as personal belongings of painter, photos and family portraits. Created atmosphere surprisingly forced to feel a part of the creative process, to plunge into the private world of the artist.

Work of the master, the charm of his sincerity and exciting romance of sea elements in his works has made a visit to this exhibition a bright and unforgettable event.