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Irina Daylene. Plasty of the World

June 7, at the Museum of Art Deco opened the exhibition of works by famous American artist and sculptor Irina Daylene "Plasty of the World"

The event was attended by participants of the International Club "Business Partnership".

Guests of the evening were presented sculptures and paintings by the artist, made in the author's original technique, with love, care and humor.

Familiarity with the work of Irina Daylene took place in relaxed atmosphere under the sounds of jazz music played by saxophone, piano and percussion.

The basis of the exhibition was a series of works dedicated to the sumo wrestlers. According to Irina, the idea to make sculptures of representatives of the sport came to her during a trip to Japan. The ancient art of sumo was not very interesting to the artist, but her attention was drawn to the unique charm and plastic of those huge champions. And then, appeared "traditionally dressed" sumoists, conquering the waves on a surfboard, raising a tricycle tiny bike, swinging on a swing or performing ballet pas.

Next to them there were the figures of a different type - light and delicate girls, flirty and serious, freezed in improbable positions, in which it seems impossible to keep the balance. Embodied femininity, flexibility and grace.

One of her works - a beautiful sculpture called "Awakening" - Irina Daylene presented as a gift to the International Club "Business Partnership". On behalf of the club, it was accepted by the chairman of the board of the club Olga Irzun.

Despite the widespread recognition abroad, in Russia, the creativity of Irina Daylene is still little known, although many of her works are stored in private collections in Moscow. We wish her success, luck and new creative achievements and invite you, dear readers, to visit the exhibition "Plasty of the World" at the Museum of Art Deco.