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The evening under the sign of art or "Investing in the Future"

March 29, in antique halls of the State Art Library n.a. A.P. Bogolyubov was held a spring meeting of the participants and guests of the International Club "Business Partnership".

Before the start of the event, everyone could touch the unique history of the mansion that belonged to the Bogolyubov family (in 1787), and later to the Tretyakovs, which is now the National Art Library. Tour around the mansion held the head of the methodological department Mogilevets Svetlana Alekseevna.

The theme of the evening - "Investing in the future" - suggests following postulates: at all times, investments in culture and art were the key to the future creative development of the society. Science, partnership, creativity, culture and art are working on the rapprochement of peoples. This is something that can bring people together, remind that we have the same values ​​and one world for all.

That is why the International Club "Business partnership" focuses not only on business projects and business practice, but also on culture, art, creativity and patronage.

About what is now preparing by the main museums of the capital, the challenges they face and their past achievements, the participants of the meeting learned from the special guests of the evening: the deputy director on the development of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine ArtsAnna V. Trapkova and scientific secretary of the Tretyakov Gallery Tatyana V. Yudenkova.

The club's meeting was attended by President of the cultural center "Japanese House" Ms. Noriko Endo and member of the Moscow branch of the organization Sogetsu Chynara Munduzbaeva.

Ms. Endo-san spoke about the different business areas, which were engaged at "Japanese House", and invited everyone to visit that "island of the Japanese culture" during the traditional "Hinode" festival, which would take place on April 23-24.

Inna Mezhanskaya, CEO of the "Souvenir Design", told the audience about the project called "Museum souvenir".

At the end of the business part of Olga Irzun told about the business missions of the International Club, which would be held in May and August that year, as well as business program and creative activities of the club.

Then, in the Blue room, was held a "Dream concert" performed by the Moscow Piano Quartet of Ippolitov-Ivanov, including Irina Graifer (piano), Anastasia Yakushina (violin), Olga Kogan (viola), Catherine Dosina (cello) and the soloist of the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Anna Bogoliubskaya.

Using voice and unique sound of a musical instrument, they told tales, but not simple - "philosophical tales about a dream", adding a wonderful humorous tale by A.P. Chekhov "Romance with contrabass". Perfect symbiosis of classical music and recitation of literary masterpieces made a vivid impression and caused a storm of applause.

The evening under the sign of art ended with a buffet and a pleasant friendly dialogue.