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Head of the club Olga Irzun participated in interregional conference


The conference, held on the 29th of November, 2013 in Moscow, was attended by more than fifty people: representatives of the Government of Samara Region and the Government of Moscow, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, heads of permanent missions and friendly associations of Volga Federal District, experts, representatives of scientific community and Media.

The conference was attended by deputy general director of the Publishing House “Economic Newspaper”, a head of the International club “Business Partnership” Olga Irzun.

Samara region was represented by: deputy prime minister of the Samara region – head of the Government of the Samara region of the Russian Government Igor Eremin, deputy head of Governor’s administration of the Samara Region and head of Department for monitoring public opinion Denis Podsevatkin, advisor to the Governor of the Samara region Inna Skrytnikova, deputy minister of culture of the Samara region Irina Kalyagina, director of State municipal institution of the Samara region “House of people’s friendship” Dmitry Muhlbach.

In a message to the participants of the conference the Governor of the Samara Region Nikolai Merkushin expressed hope that the consolidation efforts of the regional executive authorities and local associations will contribute to the process of creating, enhancing regional competitiveness and ensure peace and harmony in all regions of the country. At the same time, Nikolai Ivanovich marked active work of friendly associations on establishing new interregional relations in areas such as economics, science, education, culture, national politics and tourism. The participants reviewed experience of the Volga Federal District, in particular, the Samara region, in ensuring international peace and accord, mutual co-operation of public authorities and the regional district associations.

Deputy prime minister and chief of the Government of the Samara region under the Russian Government Igor Eremin noted in his speech, that at the moment in the Samara region there are about 157 nationalities and ethnic groups, and expressed hope that the experience of the Samara Region Government, regional colleagues and international organizations would help to identify further steps to ensure the development of friendly climate in all regions of the country. Presentation by Olga Irzun was about the development of business cooperation at the interregional level (subject – “New formats of business partnership”).

The conference lasted several hours, so the participants had time to exchange views on issues of international relations, migration and inter-regional cooperation.

The meeting resulted in the establishment of new business contacts, which could develop into a full-fledged cooperation at the interregional level, including the sphere of business partnership.