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Club members attended the award ceremony of the contest “For the good of the Fatherland”


Next to the New Year's holidays a publishing holding “Economic newspaper” invited guests at the gala evening dedicated to several important events - the awarding ceremony of the contest “For the good of the Fatherland”, the 95th anniversary of the newspaper “Economics and life” and the 15th anniversary of legal weekly newspaper “el-lawyer”. The meeting was held at the restaurant “Assembly” (President Hotel).

Contest “For the good of the Fatherland” has been held since April 1998. Over the years, are many famous people become it’s winners, who have brought glory to Russia in various fields of activity. Among the winners of the prestigious public awards are Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, President of CCI of Russia Yevgeny Primakov, renowned doctors, Olympic champions, politicians and public figures, scientists and astronauts, prominent artists.

Opening the ceremony, scientific director of the publishing house “Economic Newspaper”, professor, ScD, Honored Scientist Yuriy Yakutin welcomed the guests and congratulated all the laureates.

– Dear friends! There are state awards, and there are public awards. But it seems to me that the value of public awards is even higher, because it is the recognition of the society, recognition and gratitude of the Russians. Many of our compatriots now work for the sake of Russia, for Russia getting sturdy, getting better and stronger, so we could left our country to the grandchildren as what we want it to be – all prosperous and rich. Today we have gathered here such people – people, who work for the benefit of Russia, in the interests of their homeland.

The ceremony of awarding the winners of the Open International Competition was conducted by Nikolay Tarasenko, CEO of the National Fund “For the good of the Fatherland”.

The 2013 award winners became:
  • Sergey Glazyev, advisor to the president of the Russian Federation on issues of regional economic integration – the Order “Philanthropy”, II degree;
  • Vladimir Potemkin, deputy governor, head of representation of the Government of the Kaluga region at the Government of the Russian Federation – the Order “For the good of the Fatherland”, IV degree;
  • Galina Danchikova, prime minister of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – the Order “For the good of the Fatherland”, III degree;
  • Sergei Morozov, governor of Ulyanovsk region – the Order “For the good of the Fatherland”, III degree;
  • Regina Mayorova, general director of JSC “Trading House “Holding Center” – an award medal “Philanthropy”, II degree;
  • Dmitry Egorov, M.D., professor, doctor-cardiologist, supervisor of the Department of Surgery of arrhythmias and pacing for adults and children of the City Clinical Hospital № 31 in St. Petersburg – the medal “Philanthropy”, II degree;
  • Sergey Tkachuk, an economist – the medal “Philanthropy”, III degree.

Another cause for celebration was the anniversary of business weekly “Economics and life”. In November 2013, Russian oldest business newspaper became 95 years old. At the time of it’s creation, in 1918, it was published under the name of “Economic life”. Over time, the paper became the basis for establishing one of the largest publishing company in Russia “Economic newspaper”, which is now publishing dozens of editions – political, legal, financial, producing a unique book series “Economics and spirituality”. By the way, recently the publishing house “Economic newspaper” has released a new book called “Russia is so unknown”. It is dedicated to the predecessor of the newspaper “Economic Life” – St. Petersburg “Newspaper of Commerce” (1893 - 1918). The idea of ​​publishing belongs to Sergey Witte, one of the greatest Prime Ministers of Russia. Unfortunately, we do not know our history, although we have much to be proud of. This book talks about how to develop the Russian economy in the years before the Revolution, what it has achieved – and the achievements were really very weighty: the Russian Empire was a leader in many key positions – in the production of coal and steel, in construction of new factories, laying railways, construction of ships and lots more.

To congratulate “Economics and life” there came it’s old friends, colleagues and partners, among them – representatives of the Samara, and Tula regions, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), rector of the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) and Kazan Federal University, administration of the International Union of Economists, Free Economic Society of Russia and the International Academy of Management, as well as many other members of the political, administrative, scientific and business elite.

Many of the guests in their greeting speeches talked about the high level of responsibility of the publishing house “Economic newspaper” to the readership, restraint and competence of newspapers and magazines in covering the economic life of the country. Speakers repeatedly noted significant professional assistance of editions to managers and specialists of domestic companies, scientific and educational organizations. Many warm regards were addressed to executives of the holding – supervisor of “Economic newspaper” companies Yuriy Yakutin, it’s CEO Tatiana Kozenkova, editor of the weekly “Economics and life” Tatyana Ivanova, chief editor of “EL – Lawyer” Natalia Shapovalova.

Next awards were presented to the staff of the publishing house “Economic newspaper” on initiative of the Ministry of Communications. Tatiana Kozenkova, CEO of the publishing house – Diploma for professional skills and many years of fruitful work. Gratitude of the Minister of Communications were given to Natalia Shapovalova, Development Director of “EL”, chief editor of the legal weekly “el-Lawyer” and Valeria Chuchkina, Head of the Department of public relations. Awards were presented by Yuriy Pulya, deputy chief of the periodical press, publishing and printing of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.

Supervisor of the Publishing House “Economic Newspaper” Yuriy Yakutin and it’s CEO Tatiana Kozenkova were awarded diplomas of Russian Union of Journalists and the Union of Journalists of Moscow. Awards for outstanding professional achievements to managers of the holding were presented by the Chairman of the Union of Journalists Vsevolod Bogdanov and First Secretary of the Union of Journalists of Moscow Lyudmila Sherbina.

Yuriy Yakutin also awarded the Diploma of laureate of academic press “Educator of the Year” and Honorary “Golden Torch” for outstanding achievements in the humanitarian sphere. Award “Educator of the Year” was founded in 2008. By tradition, it is awarded for outstanding achievements in the humanitarian sphere to domestic scientists, writers, publishers, as well as state and public figures, who distinguished themselves in the field of education, preservation of spiritual values of Russia, the revival of historical traditions. Yuriy Vasilievich was presented by the President of the Russian Academy of Literature Yuriy Belyaev.

Special awards – letters of thanks and anniversary marks of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – were given to Yuriy Yakutin, Tatiana Kozenkova, Olga Irzun, and were handed by Deputy Permanent Representative of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Moscow Juriy Zabolev.

As a part of the event, there were brought congratulations to the new members of the Academy of Management and Business Administration – an organization within the holding, combining eminent scientists, government officials and business leaders of various sectors of the economy:

  • Irina Firsova, doctor of Economics, doctor of pedagogic sciences, professor, university administration advisor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • Leonid Primak, ScD in technical sciences, director of Center for energy conservation, energy and economic audit of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Certification of real estate “Green Standards”;
  • Alexey Kasatov, doctor of Economics, professor, deputy dead of the Department “Industrial Economics” in Samara State University;
  • Sergei Falco, doctor of Economics, professor, head of Department "Economics and organization of production" MSTU named after N. Bauman, a member of the German confederation of controllers, director of the Institute of controlling;
  • Lunkin Alexander, doctor of Economics, professor of Russian State Geological Prospecting University, director of Construction College № 12 in Moscow.
    Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, member of the Board of Trustees of the Academy of Management and Business Administration Sergey Glaziev congratulated the academics and presented them with diplomas.

    The ceremonial part of the evening was followed by a concert program, leaded by the Russian opera singer Lyuba Kazarnovskaya. The program was attended by her students – talented young musicians and performers. Each performance got a deep response from the guests.

    In addition, a special gift from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was a performance by the laureate of international competitions and festivals of ethnic and live music, master of the khomus (ancient ethnic instruments) Albina Degtyareva.

    Significant occasion for the meeting, as well as pleasant, very friendly atmosphere of the evening, business and informal communication, the presence of many prominent, bright, enthusiastic people, pleasant music and exquisite interior – all of this got together that evening. All guests of the ceremony noted the high level of the meeting and it’s special cordiality.