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Winter meeting of business clubs

January 16, at the hotel Ukraine international business clubs had a meeting under the topic «Closing the Distance".

Meeting was organized by Wirtschaftsclub Russland e.V. Participants of the German club joined their colleagues from the Economic Club of Italy (IATM) and Denmark (DBC), and the International club "Business Partnership".

Traditionally, the Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer of the Wirtschaftsclub Russland Dr. Karin von Bismarck and Uwe Leuschner welcomed the participants:

"We want to overcome all boundaries, motivate people and companies to follow our example in the quest to discover new promising projects and expand the scope of activities, basing on trust and respect".

The keynote speaker of the event was Chris Weafer, a senior partner at consulting firm Macro-Advisory in Moscow, one of the most authoritative international experts on the economy of Russia and CIS countries.

Also, a part of the evening was a charity concert of composer and pianist Svetlana Raldugina and opera singer Vladimir Viyurov.

All participants were able to enjoy the wonderful relaxed atmosphere of the evening and continue companionship during the buffet.