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III International Economic Jewelry Forum

October 2, at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation passed the III International Economic Jewelry Forum «New realities, new challenges, new strategy in a changing global marketplace».

The event was held with the support of the Ministry of Finance, GOKHRAN Russia, Assay Chamber of Russia, the club «Russian Jewelery Trade», media holding «RESTEC JUNWEX».

The general partner of the event this year was the largest diamond mining company in the country – «ALROSA».

Information support to the forum was provided by the International club «Business Partnership».

The aim of the forum was the development of the jewelry community and representatives of the state authorities of policy proposals and recommendations on the development of the jewelry industry in Russia.

A chairman of the Association «Guild of Jewelers of Russi» Gagik Gevorgyan inaugurated the forum. A moderator of the forum was president of the Foundation of the jeweler's art of Russia Galina Ananyina.

The forum was attended by experts from representatives of ministries and departments authorized to protect the rights of entrepreneurship and small business, the banking community, and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service of the Federal Customs Service, the leaders of the jewelry enterprises and national associations of jewelers of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, including:

  • Russian Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev,
  • Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation Alexander Rybakov,
  • Head of GOKHRAN of Russia Andrei Yurin,
  • Head of the Assay Chamber of Russia Alexander Markin,
  • President of «ALROSA» Andrei Zharkov,
  • President of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association Maxim Shkadov,
  • General Director of «Guild of Jewelers of Russia» Eduard Utkin,
  • President of the Group of companies «RESTEC» Sergei Trofimov,
  • Deputy Director of the Department of customs and tariff and non-tariff regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission of Dean Akpanbaev,
and etc.

Main topics discussed at the forum: the dialog of business and authorities as a basis for finding a way out of the crisis; loans and investments in the jewelry industry; changes in the rules of circulation of precious metals and precious stones, as well as the rules of jewelry sales; elimination of excessive administrative barriers to increase the efficiency of the jewelry industry and its investment attractiveness; Comparative analysis of the business environment in the Member States EAEC; measures to stimulate the turnover of Russian jewelry in the foreign market, and others.

At the plenary session two important documents were signed: the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Association «Guild of Jewelers of Russia» and the Association of Legal Entities «Union of jewelers and entrepreneurs of the Kyrgyz Republic», and the Agreement on strategic partnership between the Association «Guild of Jewelers of Russia», the club «Russian Jewellery Trade» and the media holding «RESTEC JUNWEX», signed by Gagik Gevorgyan, Sergei Poltorak and Valerii Budnyi.

In the foyer of the Congress Centre of the Chamber of Commerce on the day of the forum was an exhibition «Jeweller art Russia: tradition and modernity», which showed the continuity of the long tradition of the jeweler's art in the works of contemporary Russian artists. Among the exhibitors there were «Kristall», Crystal factory «Bahmetev» brand «Ilgiz» by artist-jeweler Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, FSUE GOZNAK, «Argentov», jewelry factory «Carat», LLC «Rostov enamel», the artist-cutter Dmitrii Samorukov.

The big block was devoted to the exchange of views among the participants of the «Eurasian Economic Union» (EAEC) – representatives of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. A comparative analysis of the business environment in the Member States EAEC and found new opportunities for integration and implementation capabilities of the jewelry market of each of the republics.

In the second part of the forum was held an informative roundtable «New investment opportunities for the jeweler's art in times of economic instability», moderated by the president of the Development Fund of jewelry Galina Ananyina and Development Director of the Development Fund of jewelry Albert Kingsley. The round table attracted numerous market participants and was very constructive.