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Business mission to the Yakutia: resume.


September, 16 delegation members of the International Business Club «Business Partnership» and the Business club “Women of future Russia”, at the invitation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) visited Yakutsk. Business-mission coincided with a Diamond week, held under the patronage of the President and the Government of the Republic of Sakha.

On the first day in Yakutia in the conference hall of the hotel “Polar Star” the participants of the business - mission met with representatives of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the business community of the region. Business meeting was moderating byMinister of Business and Tourism Development of Sakha (Yakutia) Catherine Kormilitsyna. Opening the event, Catherine welcomed all participants and expressed hope for further cooperation:
- We are very pleased to host members of the business club community. I hope that today’s meeting will be a good stepping stone for the development of cooperation between business and government, between entrepreneurs of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the whole of Russia.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Marinychev Pavel mentioned:
- I’m pleased that this meeting took place. Today, is extremely important for our Republic to create conditions that would facilitate the provision of the widest possible range of opportunities for business development to the active population. I am confident that the establishment of business contacts, search for new partners - are the tools that allow you to expand these opportunities, promote entrepreneurship, and therefore the economy of the whole country. I wish you a fruitful work during the entire visit, interesting and useful meetings and contacts.

At the meeting there were made presentations of investment potential of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and individual investment and partnership projects. The main speakers at the plenary session were:

  • general director of the publishing house “Economic Newspaper”, honored economist Tatyana Kozenkova (subject –“Opportunities of the media holding for investment development of the regions”);
  • deputy general director of JSC Publishing house “Economic newspaper”, the head of the Business club “Women of future Russia” and the International club “Business partnership” Olga Irzun (subject – “Effective formats of business partnership”);
  • general director of LLC “Design Center of special-purpose footwear” Ortomoda”, Doctor of Economics Galina Volkova (subject - Socially responsible business offers ...);
  • general director of “Queen”, PhD, honored economist of Russia Lyudmila Bondarenko (subject – “Event tourism as a means of attracting investments”)
  • deputy general director of “Tsariza” (the official representative and distributor of the Japanese brand in Russia UWAKOYA) Svetlana Nikolaeva (subject – “Opportunities for promotion jewelry brands in Yakutia”)
  • director general of Medical Services Patient Care in Germany, M.D., Germany, Maria Kostshevski (subject – “Opportunities for the medical tourism and treatment in Germany”).

During the event, the participants discussed the opportunities of a partnership, made presentations of their business projects, investment and economic potentials of the parties. After the meeting was the so-called "contact exchange", during which the participants were able to become better acquainted with each other, discuss opportunities for further cooperation.

That day members of the business-mission visited the unique show “Treasury of Yakutia”. This show is part of the State Fund of Precious Metals and Precious Stones of the Republic. Here rare nuggets of gold, platinum, silver, large natural diamonds are collected. The visitors got a chance to get acquainted with the amazing collection of Yakut jewelers, cutters, bone and stone carvers.
Familiarity with the peculiarities of the Yakutia land continued with visiting ice gallery “Kingdom of permafrost” - a huge underground glacier in the mountains Chochur Muran, which design was attended by the best ice sculptors. In the world of permafrost an official residence of Russian Santa Claus is opened, there is a ceremonial hall for ceremonies of blessing and purification.

At the evening, September 16, at the hotel “Tagyn Darkhan” was held another meeting with business community of the club. It was attended by Minister of Enterprise and Tourism Development of Sakha (Yakutia) Catherina Kormilitsyna, CEO of the publishing house “Economic Newspaper” Tatiana Kozenkova, Minister of Economy and Industrial Policy of Sakha (Yakutia) Olga Fedorova, deputy director of the publishing house “Economic Newspaper” and president of the Business club “Women of future Russia” and the International club “Business Partnership” Olga Irzun, deputy Prime minister of the Sakha (Yakutia) Feodosia Gabysheva, vice-Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and director of LLC “Master–region” Marina Bogoslovskaya, General director of “Business School” Natalia Kharenko, as well as members of the State Assembly (Il Tumen), representatives of the business community and public organizations. During the meeting, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, joint business plans and prospects for cooperation were discussed.

The second day of the visit was not less plentiful that the first one. Participants of the business mission visited diamond cutting factory “Sakha Diamond”, Jewelry Factory “EPL Jeweler”, Yakut diamond center, where there was a grand opening of the Museum of History of jewelry and lapidary business. Mass production of jewelry began here in 1965 with the foundation of jewelery factory “Gold of Yakutia”. The exhibition was devoted to it’s founders and all of those, who contributed to the establishment of the “diamond business” and jewelry production.

Facts and figures

90% of Russian diamond reserves is accounted forYakutsk diamond province.
95% of all diamonds, mined in the country, is currently in Yakutia, that is 25% of the world's diamond production

The diamonds and jewelry industry in Yakutia today – is not just jobs, improving the welfare of residents and economic development, but also a brand that is famous far beyond the country. Of course, all of this would have been impossible without investing a huge labor, love for own’s work and good enthusiasm, which the true masters of their craft are famous for. Opening of the museum is a historic moment, destined to tell everyone what uphill work is reqwested for creating these wonderful products”
© Catherine Kormilitsyna, the Minister of Enterprise and Tourism Development of the Republic

Representatives of the clubs’ community became the participants of the museum's opening ceremony, where there were many guests from both regions of Russia and abroad. This event was a part of traditional Diamond week, which takes place under the patronage of the President and Government of Yakutia. Diamond week is extremely important fashion event for the Republic, famous to the world for it’s diamonds. Despite the fact that the Week is held only for the second time, it is regarded as the visiting card of the region.

Had acquainted with the intricacies of jewelery production and the characteristics of high-quality diamonds, the delegation of the club took part in the diamond auction.

According to the Minister of Enterprise and Tourism development of the Republic, Catherine Kormilitsyna, over 39 countries took part in activities of the “Diamond week in Yakutia”. All of them mentioned the competitiveness of the republic on a par with it’s appeal not only as economically developing subject of the Russian Federation, but also as a region with rich tourism potential.

Facts and figures

2.7 millions U.S. dollars – is a sum of diamonds of the highest quality, sold by one of the largest diamond companies in the world “ALROSA” during the auction “Diamond Week–2013”.
More than 20 millions U.S. dollars earned republican jewelry companies at the Diamond week, that is 2 times more than in 2012.

That day governors of the Yakutia, taking into account the interests of entrepreneurs of the business mission, provided them the opportunity to meet with potential partners, visit their interesting businesses and companies, hold talks on further cooperation. As the result there were reached several agreements on cooperation.

September 17, at the evening, all participants of the business mission were invited to the Diamond Ball at the Opera and Ballet Theatre. Suorun Omolloon (General Partner acted YDC - Yakut diamond company).

The Ball program was very intensive. In the wonderful hall, decorated with a variety of fresh flowers, collections of famous designers Yakut Augustine and Barbara Philippi were exhibited, guests were able to see the collection of exclusive jewelry, made by the best Yakut craftsmens. Atmosphere of the festival was created classical music performed by the orchestra “Virtuosos of Yakutia”.

The main event of the evening was the performance of the singer, a honorary member of the Business club “Women of future Russia” Lyubov Kazarnovskaya. Opera star sang specially prepared for Yakutia program “Roads of Love”. She was accompanied by winners of international festivals and competitions: a violinist and pianist Anna Snezhina and Anna Krivtsova. The audience, gathered in the hall of the Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Suorun Omolloo, enthusiastically met the singer, who performed an aria from “Rinaldo” by Handel, an aria from “Farnache” Vivaldi, Habanera and Gypsy Song from “Carmen” by Bizet.

It’s important to mention the charitable mission of the Diamond Bal. A part of the proceeds will go to charity “Celebration of Life”, providing assistance and support to children with cancer.

September 18, at the invitation of the Rector of the North-Eastern Federal University Eugenia Mikhailova, the delegation visited the largest science outpost in the northeast of the country. The meeting was attended by the leading specialists of the university. A corresponding member of RAE, Ed.D. Evgenia Mikhailova told the guests about the prospects of development of the university, the range of it’s research works and interests, it’s cooperation with leading universities of the world. Head of the Laboratory “Mechanochemical biotechnology” NEFU Vera Anshakova introduced to the guests a unique design for the production of biotechnology products, based on medicinal herbs of Yakutia. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Enterprise and Tourism development of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Catherine Kormilitsyna and was held in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Guests discussed the possible ways of further cooperation. Several proposals for joint activities were made by head of the Business club Olga Irzun.

Another highlight of staying in Yakutia was a trip to National Park “Lenskie stolby”. Lenskie stolby are– the stretching for many miles plumb cliffs, formed about 400 years ago. Rare beauty of these unique places, that have retained their pristine charm of a giant rocks “forest“ as if was emerging from the waters of the Lena River, made the strongest impression on the guests. That park is not only famous for it’s cliffs. You can also see the ancient sands-tukulans and human settlement of Palaeolithic period, found by archaeologists at the source of the stream Deering Yuriakh. Nature Park “Lena Pillars” is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now the three-day business mission of the club community is over. This trip was truly brilliant by the quality of sensations, experiences and business results. In addition to the extremely busy business meetings and negotiations constituent meeting, the organizers provided their guests with the opportunity to see and appreciate the natural beauty and richness of this unique region. We sure, that that visit will have it’s results – the parties will jointly implement the planned projects, cooperation will continue in many different directions and activities. Representatives of the business community do not only plan to visit Yakutia again, but also to invite their Yakut partners to the club’s meetings in Moscow.