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Media-business division

Maltsev Gennady
Head of Media-business division

Doctor of Political Sciences, professor, editor in chief of "Journalist" and "Miracles and Adventures" journals, General Director of a Publishing House "Journalist", member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Union of Journalists of Russia

Phone: (499) 152-18-25, (499) 152-8871

Media-business division unites active participants of a media sphere of the country: journalists, publishers, experts in advertising and PR, employees of image-agencies and representatives of the mass media.

An important part of successful development of a company is an adjusted promotion system that creates an image of the company in the market through advertising and PR-communications. How to make all of the tools for external communication work for the company's image and it's business reputation? Our specialists will help you find an answer and provide you with consulting services in advertising and PR.

Qualified specialists of the Media-business division will help you in solving problems of any level of complexity in a following areas:

  • optimization of advertising techniques, used by a customer
  • correction of advertising tactics and strategies of the customer's company
  • assessment of the effectiveness of promotional activities
  • effectiveness analysis of PR-activity
  • development of a strategies to improve the company's image

Do not miss the opportunity to bring your business to a leading position! Join us!

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