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Marketing and logistics division

Adamov Nasrallah
Head of Marketing and Logistics division

ScD (Economics), professor, vice-rector of "Academy of Management and Business Administration", general director of Institute "ITKOR", head of the sub-faculty of financial management and tax consulting in Russian University of Cooperation

Phone: (499) 156-7541, (499) 152-18-23

Marketing and Logistics division of the International Club "Business partnership" brings together professionals in this area, researchers, lecturers and graduates of Russian academies. We aim to encourage a successful development of your business.

The team of qualified specialists is ready to provide various support to the members of the club, to help them bring their business to a new level by finding solutions for companies transport and logistics systems and optimizing a business plan, and to strengthen the position in the competitive market.

We organize regular meetings in the format of workshops and master classes, where everyone can not just provide useful and relevant information on topical issues of concern, but also find the ideas for effective business development in sharing experiences with other participants.

But the activity of the division is not limited to this. Together with the
Institute ITKOR we offer a range of services in a field of marketing researches and logistics consulting.

Marketing researches

  • review and analysis of commodity markets
  • analysis of consumer behavior
  • competitor analysis
  • analysis of sales channels
  • analysis of price conjuncture in the market
  • etc.

  • organization of material support in the enterprise
  • operational consulting
  • organization of logistics in the company
  • feasibility study of the projects (transport and logistics infrastructure)
  • situational analysis in the regions and subjects of the Russian Federation
  • development and optimization of supply chains
We invite you to participate!

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