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Fresh issue of the magazine "Women of future Russia" has come out


“Women of future Russia” is an application to a federal weekly “Economics and Life”, issue number 2, 2014.

This is a magazine for business women. It narrates about Russian women, who have achieved considerable success in various fields of life - politics, business and arts.

Content of the issue:

Something, that units us

In our magazine, we pay special attention not only to business projects and business practices, but also culture and creativity. Explanation of such unflagging interest is quite simple: in uncertain times, when society is in disunity, when the political situation is seen differently through the prism of each own “magic glass”, business interaction, culture and art are something, that can bring people together and remind, that we have the same values and one and the same world for everyone.

Museum as a creative incubator

May 18, the world celebrates International Museum Day. Time and again we told our readers about new exhibitions and interesting events in the life of the capital and provincial museums, historic mansions, exhibition grounds and galleries. For several years, we bring you the best exposure and projects of one of the largest national museum in Russia – The State Museum of Fine Arts n.a. Pushkin. On the eve of the holiday, we asked the Director of Pushkin Museum, Marina Lochak, to answer questions that concern many connoisseurs of history and culture.

Spring format of business partnership

Spring in 2014 has become a very dynamic and productive period for the participants of the International club “Business Partnership” and the Business club “Women of future Russia”. These few months have brought us new meetings, travel and new business contacts. We introduce you to the most important events in the life of the club’s community.

“The main quality of the bank is it’s reliability”

2014 is the anniversary for Euro-Asian Investment Bank. In June, the bank will celebrate it’s twentieth anniversary. What principles were the basis of it’s activity? How does it carry it’s customer policy? What is the pledge of it’s long-term and successful work? – Speaks Deputy Chairman of Eurasian Investment Bank Raisa Tarina (Member of the Club “Business Partnership”) and her colleagues – heads of structural subdivisions.

Export operations have need for audit

Today, when even small companies enter the international market actively working with foreign partners, there is a feeling that the area of foreign trade transactions have been studied sufficiently. “Not yet” – says Olga Hadyeva, CEO of “Audit Holding”.

Estonian firm as an alternative to European offshore company

Not everyone knows, that when comparing tax systems and the investment policy of nearest neighbors of Russia, Estonia is in a very favorable position. There are the most favorable conditions for investors and entrepreneurs. In Estonia, says founder and CEO of consulting campaign LLC «Lana - Buh» Svetlana Shepilenko, there are no restrictions to the movement of capital and trade exchange, there are the minimum requirements in the areas of pricing and foreign trade”.

Precious caprices – images, reflected in stone

Mastery of a jeweler, working with individual decorations, is comparable with the work of portrait painter, only the jeweler embodies his vision of the character in more subtle, allusive way. A jeweler Galina Konyaeva creates images, reflected in stone, for twenty years.

“Holding Center” – Empire of the style

Trading House “Holding Center” has been on one of the leading positions in the trading activity on the Russian market for more than 20 years. The number of department stores and shops of the joint stock, opened within the city, is confidently approaching 30, what is uncommon for the multi-brand network stores.

Fateful Aurora

The name of the Scandinavian beauty Aurora Stjernvall von Wallen is intertwined with the stories of many famous Russian families – Musin-Pushkin, Demidov, Karamzin. Swedish roots, youth, held in Finland… Anyway, she is still remembered as Zara Karlovna in St. Petersburg and Vyborg and the industrial Ural.

Bring the brooch come back!

Brooch, fibula, clasp – all are the names for the same thing. Do you have has this precious accessory in your casket? For some reason, there is a perception that it is only suitable for the ladies of elegant age, but it is not true! This is true, that brooches are associated with wisdom, intelligence and generosity more than any other jewelry, but why does a young woman can not have these qualities?

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