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International Jewellery Economic Forum


13 September, 2013 in Moscow, in сongress сentre of the CCI of the Russian Federation (street Ilyinka, 6), the 1st Jewellery Economic Forum on the topic of "Development of Russian jewelry industry and strengthening it’s role on the international stage" is held.

On September 14th, there will be a jewellery charity ball. The International Economic Jewelry Forum and Jewellery Charity Ball timed to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Union of Russian jewellers. The Forum will attend a large number of foreign delegations, including representatives of the World Jewellery Confederation CIBJO, the leaders of the national association of jewelers of the near and far abroad, representatives of more than 70 Russian jewelry companies and regional associations, investment companies, auction houses, galleries and exhibition companies, leading art historians, private collectors, art dealers.

Organizer: “Guild of Russian jewellers”

Official support: Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Venue: Congress centre, the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation (street Ilyinka, 6).

The main objective of the Forum:

Promote the development of the Russian jewelry industry and enhance its role in shaping the international image of Russia as one of the world's leading fashion centers.

The main topics of the Forum:

  • the state's role in the development of the jewelry industry;
  • topical issues of legal regulation in the field of precious metals and precious stones;
  • features of modern investment policy in the jewelry industry;
  • safeguarding and promoting the best traditions of jewelry as the most important component in the formation of the cultural image of modern Russia;
  • prospects of development of the Russian jewelry industry in the context of globalization and the strengthening of international cooperation;
  • the introduction of new advanced methods of training and the formation of human resources policy in the jewelry industry.
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