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Music, born in the air

March 18, at the Library named after A.P. Bogolyubov, the International Club "Business Partnership" heard an unusual duet of organ and theremin by laureates of international competitions - Igor Goldenberg and Lydia Kavina.

Guests were able to enjoy the works of J. Bach, L. Vierne, Schubert, S. Gubaidulina and other famous composers in a completely new version, because of the theremin - an electronic musical instrument created in 1919, Russian inventor Lev Sergeyevich Termen.

Sound, when playing the theremin, does not appear by touching the instrument, but it comes from movement of the hands of a musician in the electromagnetic field in the vicinity of special antennas. In this case the performer require perfect pitch and precise coordination of movements to convey the full sound of a musical work, or simply create a sound effect.

All this was brilliantly demonstrated to listeners by Lydia Kavina, who also talked about the features of playing that inscrutable musical instrument.

The concert was highly appreciated by connoisseurs of classical music, it recieved many applause, autographs, flowers and a desire to hear the music again.