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Governing board

Irzun Olga
Chairman of the Club's Board

Deputy general director, a group of companies PH “Economic Newspaper”, Head of a Business club “Women of future Russia”, a winner of the contest “Manager of the Year – 2009” and “Golden Gong”, a winner of the Moscow Confederation of the Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs “for informational support for the capital business development”.

Phone: (499) 152-94-36.

Members of a Governing board

Adamov Nasrallah - ScD (Economics), professor, vice-rector of "Academy of Management and Business Administration", general director of Institute "ITKOR", head of the sub-faculty of financial management and tax consulting in Russian University of Cooperation, Head of Marketing and Logistics division of the Club

Phone: (499) 156-7541/152-18-23

Maltsev Gennady - Doctor of Political Sciences, professor, editor in chief of "Journalist" and "Miracles and Adventures" journals, General Director of a Publishing House "Journalist", member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Union of Journalists of Russia, Head of Media-business division of the Club

Phone: (499) 152-18-25, (499) 152-8871

Chuchkina Valeria - Executive Director of NGO "Academy of Management and Business Administration"

Phone: (499) 152-18-26, (499) 152-79-41

Shapovalova Natalia - PhD (Economics), editor i chief of the all-Russia legal newspaper "EJ-Lawyer", member of a Chamber of Tax Advisers of Russia, Development Director of a Publishing House "Economic newspaper", head of a Legal division of the Club

Phone: (499) 156-7656, (499)152-38-11

Yanovskaya Nina - Financial Adviser of a Publishing House "Economic Newspaper", executive partner of the International Agency "Invest-Navigator", Head of a Financial division of the Club

Phone: +7 (499) 152-86-81