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"Premium" status

PREMIUM status will guarantee you:

  • regular mailings informing you about the activities of the Club;
  • invitation to a meetings of the Club during the year (at least 4 times a year);
  • invitation to a special meetings for the premium (VIP) participants (at least 4 times a year);
  • possibility to give a presentation of your company or products during the meetings of the Club’s members (not less than 1 time per year)


    ½ page for your promotional materials about business, investment projects and products in one of the issues of a full-color supplements to the newspaper “Economics and Life” – “Investments and Innovations”, “International Cooperation”, etc.;

  • promotion of your business and our assistance in it’s development, finding business partners (including - through our investment projects base on the “Contacts Exchange”), working with Investment platform (in virtual and real options);
  • participation in the VIP meetings and negotiations with representatives of the regional and federal authorities, heads of a large holding companies and corporations (including meetings, organized on the initiative of the Club’s members);
  • participation in business missions to the foreign countries and regions of the Russian Federation including visiting objects of interest, meetings with government officials and representatives of a business community;
  • assistance in conducting negotiations, finding partners and giving presentation of your projects;
  • opportunity to participate in the largest economic and entrepreneurial international and regional forums, congresses and workshops of the Club;
  • participation in business conversations, business discussions, roundtables and workshops with leading economists, business analysts and senior executives of the most successful companies;
  • placement of your company news throughout the year on a personal page on the official website of the Club with a 50 % discount (and a number of other additional features: exchange of banners, links, etc.);
  • personal page on the official website of the Club with the ability to edit and add information and links to other sites;
  • receiving magazines “International Partnership” and “Investments and Innovations”;
  • our assistance in organizing events, business meetings, round table discussions, promotional campaigns (discussed separately);
  • discounts in partner companies of the Club;
  • opportunity to distribute your promotional materials to the participants of the Club

We conclude a yearly treaty for membership with handing of VIP-card, which gives your free pass to all the events throughout a year. If you decided to become a member of the club, we offer you to complete the form below.

With questions on corporate membership, please contact the organizing committee of the Club

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