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Schedule of Events

Schedule of events for 2015-2016


1. Seminar for members of the legal section: Enforcement proceedings. Enforcement and secrets of interaction with the bailiffs.

2. Meeting of the VIP-members: «Our response to the crisis – a new competence!»
Meeting with the consultant, business coach, Ph.D. Zoya Ivanova on the theme Selfmanagement.



1. Seminar for members of the legal section: Specificity of services in business today: communicative and legal experience of conflict resolution.

2. Meeting of the VIP-membersArt evening at the Pushkin Museum.
Guests can enjoy an organ concert «An Evening of Russian Music» performed by the winner of international competitions Anastasia Chertok.


3. Meeting of the VIP-members: «Health. Business. Success.»
1. What signals does the body send us, and what can it mean?
Speaker: endocrinologist of the 1st category, head of endocrinology clinics at the Moscow Health Department, Yulia Golubeva.
2. What can our taste preferences say about us?
Speaker: neuropsychologist, Ph.D., CEO of the psychological center «The home» Svetlana Shishkova.



1. Meeting of the VIP-members: «Illusion and essence of changes»
Meeting with the consultant, business coach, Ph.D. Zoya Ivanova on the theme Selfmanagement.


2. Seminar for members of the legal section: How to open a business (a workshop).
Conducts business coach, general director of the Center of business support
«Vesta-Premium» S. Aksenenko.


3. Seminar for members of the legal section: Specificity of services in business today: communicative and legal experience of conflict resolution.



1. Seminar for members of the legal section: Foreign economic activity - topical issues, practical advice.


2. Meeting of the VIP-members: Meeting with representatives of the business circles of Germany.

2. Meeting of the club members: A recital of Russian composer Alexander Zhurbin



1. Seminar for members of the legal section: Accounting for the first persons of the company.

2. Meeting of the club members: Contacts Exchange at the Representation of the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).



1. Seminar for members of the legal section: Labor law, a new stage of reform. The Labour Act, changes in judicial practice.

2. Genegal meeting of the participants   Vector of partnership development – Asia

June 25, the Delegation of the Industrial and Investment Concern «Vel» was held a business reception «Vector of partnership development – Asia», dedicated to the Eastern Economic Forum. The event was organized by the International club «Business Partnership» and the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.


1. Business mission: Diamond Week in Yakutia
2-7 September 2015

2. Meeting of the VIP-members: a private viewing of the exhibition "Golden Collection" at the Elena Gromova Gallery.

Seminar for members of the legal section: Practical preparations for the foreign trade transaction.
Lecturer: V. Bykanov, business coach, business consultant
During the training there will be considered the practice of customs clearance, measures to prepare contract documents necessary for registration of the participant of foreign trade activities, the rules of the provisional classification of goods for customs purposes, the sources of the necessary information for the collection of documents for the cargo of customs duties and other necessary measures.

21-22 October 2015

1. Seminar for members of the legal section: The legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers and their protection.

2. Meeting of the VIP-members: visiting photographer Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev.
Master will tell about the possibilities of transformation of time and space in the frame of his creative ecstasy, about the unique techniques "eglomize" and "printing on wood".


1. Event for VIP members: Concert of a series "December Evenings" at the Pushkin Museum. Beginning at 19:00.

2. The traditional December meeting of club: a New Year recital. Programme:
– Creative evening of Svetlana Druzhinina and Anatoly Mukasey: "On the life and fate of palace revolutions: Russia - of the XXI century to century XVIII"
– The theater of historical costume;
– Cocktail party.

3. Event for VIP members: Jewelry exhibition "Treasures of Russia"
Exclusive works of the masters presented in the halls of the State Geological Museum. Admission by invitation.

4. Event for VIP members: a tour to the exhibition of Valentin Serov.
Tour starts at 16:30. Gathering of participants at 16:00. Log on group tickets.

January 2016
1. Event for VIP members: Masterpieces of Hungarian operettas at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Read more...

2. Event for club members: New Year Reception by Wirtschaftsclub Russland «Closing the Distance. Сокращая расстояния».


February 2016

1. Business meeting with club "Integration": "Invest, not wait!" or "Not invest, wait!"
The meeting will be held in a suburban complex Valesko Hotel & SPA (Holiday House "Grigorchikovo").


2. Event for club members:  Round table at the CBR
– Round table "Small business: new opportunities at present conditions". Moderator Mikhail Mamuta, head of the Main Department of microfinance market and methodology affordability, CBR.

– New part at the private exhibition "Bank of Russia: the History".


March 2016

1. Round Table: "Modern financial pyramids and conscientious business"
Speaker: Dmitry Magazinov, Project Manager of the Main Directorate for counteraction to unfair practices on the open market, the Bank of Russia. See more...

2. Event for club members:  Concert "Music, born in the air"
A unique concert featuring Lida Kavina - composer and performer on a rare musical instrument theremin (Oxford), and Igor Goldenberg - composer and organist (Moscow). See more...


3. Event for club members:  Perfection in Detail
VIP meeting at the Gallery of Modern Art of Svetlana Severina (ART SEVERINA)


4. The spring meeting of the club - "Investing in the Future"
At the Library of Arts of A.P. Bogolyubov.


April 2016

1. Event for club members: Between Renaissance and Mannerism
Participants of the International Club "Business Partnership" visited an exhibition "Family Cranach. Between the Renaissance and Mannerism" at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

2. Event for club members: "Light Space"
Exhibition of works by Alexander Dedushev at the contemporary art gallery 9/1.

May 2016

1. Event for club members: exhibition at Kremlin's museums "Jewels, inspired by nature. Ilgiz F."


2. Business trip:
St. Troitsky Monastery of Seraphim Sarovsky in Diveevo
Including a visit to the nearby attractions and the capital of Mordovia - Arzamas.
June 2016

1. Event for club members: Irina Daylene. Plasty of the World

At the Museum of Art Deco opens the exhibition of works by famous American artist and sculptor Irina Daylene "Plasty of the World" 


2. Business trip:
White Nights in St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg never ceases to delight and surprise our guests. So this time excursions through unique historical routes, to the best museums of the northern capital, left memorable experience for all participants. 
8-11 June 2016

3. Event for club members: meeting with Irina Daylene

Museum of Art Deco presents expositions by Irina Daylene, Dmitry Chiparus and Misha Lenn. 


4. Event for club members: Leon Bakst. Extravagant Art Nouveau

The exhibition of one of the most original and brilliant artists of the early twentieth century Leon Bakst: "Leon Bakst. On the 150th anniversary of his birth"


August 2016
1.  Business trip: the Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Lake Baikal.
Excursion and tourist program over a national treasure of the Republic. The business part - Contacts Exchange.
September 2016

1. Event for club members: a tour of the exhibition by Aivazovsky

The State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val
Beginning at 16:30


Note: The program may be amended and supplemented.
We will welcome your comments and suggestions.

Sincerely yours,
The Organizing Committee